I started this project in January! The plan is to make a doubleweave throw. The technique of doubleweave allows you to make cloth that is twice the width of the loom! I warped the loom and threaded the heddles. Then I looked at it and looked at it some more and pulled it all off the loom and started over. Once I had the yarn rewound on the back beam and both heddles re-threaded (384 yarn ends!), I stalled out. I watched videos and read instructions over and over, but couldn’t get started. I just wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing. I finally dived in again and am back on track. I have woven the header (the blue threads) which spreads the threads and gives me a chance to ensure that my threading and pickup stick placements are correct. The blanket will be in the natural color you see below.

This is the weaving viewed from the top of the loom. The first several rows are the plain header; the last few are worked in the doubleweave pattern.
This is the weaving viewed from underneath the loom.

This is the right side of the weaving. You can see two layers!
This is the left side of the weaving: there is no opening. This is will be the fold or center of the fabric.

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