DIY Shuttle Race

Floor looms have a feature called a shuttle race, which is a nifty little ledge upon which the weaving shuttle can travel. Unfortunately most table looms do not have this feature. Without it, the shuttle may not travel well, falling through the threads and landing on the floor as often as it exits the shed safely. I wanted to add a race without making permanent changes to the loom, and many solutions I saw did not work with my Ashford table loom because the warp threads do not rest at the bottom of the reed. I was placing a yard stick in the shed to allow the shuttle to travel across (works, but it is a slow way to weave) when this idea came to me. You might have to play around a bit to get the stick placed just right, but I hope someone else benefits from my sharing. It works great for my Ashford table loom.

5 thoughts on “DIY Shuttle Race

  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! I recently bought a new to me Louet Kombo and was getting frustrated that I couldn’t get my shuttle to pass through the warp. Nose-dived each time. I didn’t have any clips, so I modified your idea using hemp yarn.


  2. I’m looking forward to trying this out! Wish I had seen this earlier when I was doing my first towels with a boat shuttle!!
    Lynn C – New weaver


  3. I’m looking up different ways to add a shuttle race to my Ashford table loom. How are the tarp clips attached to the beater with your method?


    1. I actually clip them to the bottom of the beater where the reed sits and then tie the stick to the hole on the tarp clip. I think you can see it in the second and third pictures. I will add some additional photos tomorrow afternoon. Also I used the tarp clips to keep the stick used as the race from moving; you could just tie the stick to the beater. I will add pictures of that tomorrow afternoon too.


    2. They are clipped on with a bit of foam to keep them from biting the wood. And then they are tied to the beater because on the Ashford table loom, the warp threads don’t sit at the bottom of the reed.


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