by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2020

Seeing pictures in the clouds
Making stories for the faces in the crowds
A kid who is bored will do these things
This and more, imagination brings

Catching  bugs in an old mayonnaise jar
Making a wish on the earliest star
Nothing to do, no games to play
Sometimes it’s meant to be this way

I fear we are coloring all the spaces in
Filling the silence with an endless din
How can imagination come out to play
When there’s no gap, no space left today

Insight, creativity, and growth need light
Sounds can’t echo without a space in between

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4 thoughts on “Boredom

  1. VERY WELL WRITTEN. I vaccinated the Consul of Mexico’s wife 4 weeks ago, we talked about the trouble vaccinating Latinos. After meeting the Consul and Staff, my friends and I wrote We have applied for a grant, will know on April 26.


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