Forgiving, again

by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2019

Forgive how many times? the disciples did ask
And when the answer came, they weren’t up to the task
Seventy times seven our Lord was heard to say
To do that, we will surely have to pray 

Of course we think to ourselves now and then
I can forgive a new offense and maybe even ten
But it is the hurt from long ago that haunts us still
And forgiving that takes more than just our will

Not 140 separate offenses against me were done
Good lord, no, it was only the one
Revisited again and again in my minds eye
Feeding anger or a wounded heart til I cry

So maybe that was what He meant
Lest too many wasted days are spent
Look up so you can move on
Forgive over and over until the pain is gone 

Forgive offenses old and new
But know that sometimes once just won’t do
So when dark reminiscence creeps in
Forgive once, then twice, and then forgive all over again

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