The Future

by Ann Maire Mitchell, January 2021

If you had a crystal ball,
Would you really take a look?
If you could see it all,
If the future was an open book?

Perhaps you’d take just a peak
To get a glimpse of what’s to come 
Is that  what you would seek
Of the future, to know only “some”?

Or in this, would you have no part?
Preferring to take each day as new
Keeping the future in the dark
Waiting til each day comes into view

Looking back over what’s come before
I know the choice I would make
I’ve already handled so much more
Than I ever thought I could take

I wouldn’t look ahead, even if I could 
I prefer to let the future unfold
Facing what comes, for ill or good
Trusting I’ll have God’s hand to hold.

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