Look Nearer

by Ann Maire Mitchell, July 15, 2021

(with thanks to Paula for this icon that hangs on my wall as a daily reminder of His nearness)

The thunder crashes, the lightning strikes, the waves break
And I fear the storm this little boat of mine into splinters will make
I scan the horizon; it is my Lord I want to see
But there is nothing but darkness and storming all around me

But then I realize I am looking out there in the fear
And he’s not out there.  No, he’s so very, very near
See He’s right here in the boat, sleeping peacefully by my side
And it is in Him, not in the storm, that I abide

It can be so hard to forget where my focus should belong
I want the storm to end; to find somewhere out there the coming dawn
But sometimes the storm rages on and on, with no end in sight
It’s then I need to rest with the Lord, remembering it is He who holds me tight

2 thoughts on “Look Nearer

  1. Wonderful, looking out in fear maybe to the fear. The fear has seemed a bit more terrible this year of COVID, the politics divide. I attended a pray in at the Tate Capitol organized by Black Ministers from across Texas. If reason is not persuasive perhaps faith will help.


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