by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2021

Do you believe in the power of prayer,
Or do you think there’s a God who doesn’t care?
Or perhaps you think there’s no God at all,
That it’s on our own that we stand or fall?

In prayer, I believe much mystery is found,
For I’ve felt God’s presence all around.
I believe he hears and answers each petition, 
That he truly is the Great Physician.

But there must be more to it than I can know,
Not as easy as tangible results that show.
We’re spiritual beings in this earthly sphere,
So how come we only care about what happens here?

Trust me, I have had miracles in my life,
Prayers answered when I called out in strife. 
But surely Lazarus, once raised,  again must have died
Does that mean God doesn’t still reign? That he lied?

Or could it be that more was going on,
Physical healing not the whole day, just the dawn?
Repairing a body to show the brokenness of the soul,
And a glimpse of what’s to come when He makes us whole 

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