Down the Road

by Ann Maire Mitchell

I’d like to look down the road, far as I can see
So I can know what twists and turns await me
But then I take a look at what lies behind
And, well, I think I’ll change my mind

I’m glad I didn’t know ahead of time
About all those struggles I’ve left behind
I’d rather not face tomorrow with dread
But rely on hope and faith instead

Would knowing upfront all that I would face
Make it any easier to stay in the race?
Or would expectations weigh me down
Distract me from where strength is found 

It’s in between tomorrow and yesterday
That we find our path, our step, our way
that Is where our living is to be done
Safely held by Father, Spirit, and Son

All that I fear ahead is only possibility
Something has to happen to become reality
If life is a script, the pages ahead are unread
Perhaps unwritten;  No need to face the future with dread

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