The Heron

by Ann Maire Mitchell, Spring 2021

We stood silently and
Watched her silently stand
How patiently she waits
As around her, the water breaks

Does she know she’ll catch a fish 
Or is it more of a hope, just a wish
I could learn a lesson from her, maybe two
Patience is in fact a virtue
Does she know her beauty is admired?
Is our audience and attention desired?
Surely that cannot be the case
Here’s another lesson for the vain human race


by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2021

Do you believe in the power of prayer,
Or do you think there’s a God who doesn’t care?
Or perhaps you think there’s no God at all,
That it’s on our own that we stand or fall?

In prayer, I believe much mystery is found,
For I’ve felt God’s presence all around.
I believe he hears and answers each petition, 
That he truly is the Great Physician.

But there must be more to it than I can know,
Not as easy as tangible results that show.
We’re spiritual beings in this earthly sphere,
So how come we only care about what happens here?

Trust me, I have had miracles in my life,
Prayers answered when I called out in strife. 
But surely Lazarus, once raised,  again must have died
Does that mean God doesn’t still reign? That he lied?

Or could it be that more was going on,
Physical healing not the whole day, just the dawn?
Repairing a body to show the brokenness of the soul,
And a glimpse of what’s to come when He makes us whole 

Look Nearer

by Ann Maire Mitchell, July 15, 2021

(with thanks to Paula for this icon that hangs on my wall as a daily reminder of His nearness)

The thunder crashes, the lightning strikes, the waves break
And I fear the storm this little boat of mine into splinters will make
I scan the horizon; it is my Lord I want to see
But there is nothing but darkness and storming all around me

But then I realize I am looking out there in the fear
And he’s not out there.  No, he’s so very, very near
See He’s right here in the boat, sleeping peacefully by my side
And it is in Him, not in the storm, that I abide

It can be so hard to forget where my focus should belong
I want the storm to end; to find somewhere out there the coming dawn
But sometimes the storm rages on and on, with no end in sight
It’s then I need to rest with the Lord, remembering it is He who holds me tight


by Ann Maire Mitchell, November 2018

I wonder what the angels do all day
And our loved ones who’ve passed away
Do they sit around playing lyre and harp
Polishing halos, keeping robes looking sharp

I certainly hope that’s not the case
Or heaven is sure to be a very dull place
I would like to think the angels are busy indeed
Continuing to bring hope and help to those in need

I’ve felt it myself, I really have
The presence, the comfort, a healing salve
I know that it is hard to explain
This unbidden help from the celestial plane

But I promise what I am saying is true
Pay attention, someday it may happen for you 
It isn’t something you imagined or thought up
It’s a way of drinking from the living cup

Are the angels bored or do they to some task turn their hand
Something that benefits our troubled land
Do they continue to grow, love and serve
Helping us in ways we neither notice, nor deserve

I appreciate these gifts when they come
They warm my heart and make my soul hum
Reminding me that loved ones we held dear
Are so very tantalizing near

Now you know what I think. Heaven can’t be a dull place
Nor an eternity of doing nothing for us to face
Surely there is more for us in store
Something that will really make the spirit soar

How all of it works, I need not know 
For One day it will be my time to go
I suspect God will have a purpose for me there
Something more than heavenly robes to wear

I’d like to think that He will have some task for me
To someone else, that whisper of love I could be
Perhaps that is the point of being here below 
Learning to walk with him now, his love to show

Oh to imagine a place so pure 
Without our earthly trials to endure
But until then we’ll show as much love as we can
Trusting that the angels will lend us a helping hand

The Future

by Ann Maire Mitchell, January 2021

If you had a crystal ball,
Would you really take a look?
If you could see it all,
If the future was an open book?

Perhaps you’d take just a peak
To get a glimpse of what’s to come 
Is that  what you would seek
Of the future, to know only “some”?

Or in this, would you have no part?
Preferring to take each day as new
Keeping the future in the dark
Waiting til each day comes into view

Looking back over what’s come before
I know the choice I would make
I’ve already handled so much more
Than I ever thought I could take

I wouldn’t look ahead, even if I could 
I prefer to let the future unfold
Facing what comes, for ill or good
Trusting I’ll have God’s hand to hold.