by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2019

Wondering if the map is showing
Where I am going or where I’ve been
The path to travel or the journey’s end

Can you really be lost
When the road is still there
When you are at least headed ‘somewhere’?

We can worry too much
About the destinations and the goal
About  how we will pay the toll

I hope for a different way
Take what comes, turn toward the light
Trust that things will turn out right

Fold up the map, put away the plans
Even though it isn’t something you could foresee 
You’ve ended up where you were meant to be

Life seems to workout somehow
Enjoy the journey, take in the view
Trust that God will see you through

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Forgiving, again

by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2019

Forgive how many times? the disciples did ask
And when the answer came, they weren’t up to the task
Seventy times seven our Lord was heard to say
To do that, we will surely have to pray 

Of course we think to ourselves now and then
I can forgive a new offense and maybe even ten
But it is the hurt from long ago that haunts us still
And forgiving that takes more than just our will

Not 140 separate offenses against me were done
Good lord, no, it was only the one
Revisited again and again in my minds eye
Feeding anger or a wounded heart til I cry

So maybe that was what He meant
Lest too many wasted days are spent
Look up so you can move on
Forgive over and over until the pain is gone 

Forgive offenses old and new
But know that sometimes once just won’t do
So when dark reminiscence creeps in
Forgive once, then twice, and then forgive all over again

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by Ann Maire Mitchell, 2020

Seeing pictures in the clouds
Making stories for the faces in the crowds
A kid who is bored will do these things
This and more, imagination brings

Catching  bugs in an old mayonnaise jar
Making a wish on the earliest star
Nothing to do, no games to play
Sometimes it’s meant to be this way

I fear we are coloring all the spaces in
Filling the silence with an endless din
How can imagination come out to play
When there’s no gap, no space left today

Insight, creativity, and growth need light
Sounds can’t echo without a space in between

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by Ann Maire Mitchell 2020

Why is it that
no matter how fast I run
or how slowly I plod
the space between there and here stays the same?

Is the horizon a mirage?
It is elusive, 
hard to keep in focus
like a goal I just can’t reach

Or is it like a dance partner?
With every step I take forward
It moves another step away.

But that would mean I am leading
Surely I am not meant to do so.
I don’t think we were meant 
To pursue, to chase, to catch 
The horizon

Maybe the horizon is nothing more
Than a reference point,
A Perspective,
A reminder that 
We are always moving toward something 
Something  bigger, better, more.

Perhaps God gave us the horizon
To show us this

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A Lovely Spring

After the artic blast we had in February, we cut all the rose bushes way back. They are now rewarding us with lovely buds and blooms! In fact, everything is looking good. Tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, squash, eggplant, corn, and strawberries are growIng along with all our regular plants. We were even able to share nearly 100 plants with neighbors in our annual spring giveaway. (We propogate too many plants and often start too many from seed! Our obsession is the neighborhood’s gain.)

Here is a look around the back 40 (40 feet, that is!) and at some of the blooming plants too

Two of my favorite weaving tools..

A beautifully made and well-balanced yarn swift from Hornshaw Woodworks and a bobbin winder by Fiber Artist Supply Company. Here are the two tools in action together as I wind a bobbin from a hank of yarn. I also use the swift when direct or indirect warping from a hank of yarn. I never bother to wind the yarn into balls first unless I plan to use it for crochet instead of weaving.

Warping with the greatest of ease…

Here is a look at my homemade warping trapeze! This little diy project cost less than $10 and has been a huge help in warping the loom by myself—especially when working with very fine yarns. And it all breaks down and stores behind the studio door!

A-tisket, a-tasket, look at my new loom basket!

I always seem to need an extra place or two while weaving to set down shuttles, scissors, etc. I ordered this long custom basket from the very talented Julie Ballard at The Suburban Pioneer.

It fits perfectly on the crossbar of the Erica loom and does exactly what I need! As a bonus, the small spinning basket from Julie’s collection hangs on the castle knob—functional and cute! Not to be left out, the blue loom bench basket is a nice addition for the weaving bench that I use with my Ashford table loom.

I added some pictures so you can see how the baskets are attached.