Not just another scarf

This scarf came about in a rather special way. My cousin Rene called and asked if I would make a scarf for his sister, Marcia whose dear friend, Sister Betty, passed away this year. (Apparently there was an amusing story involving Sister Betty, a black and yellow scarf, and a plumbing fixture.) I thought it would be nice to find a weaving draft with a cross pattern and when I came across one called ‘Remembrance’, I knew that had to be it. I had never done Overshot before, so it took a while to get the hang of two shuttles. (Overshot requires tabby or plainweave after each pass of the shuttle carrying the pattern yarn.). The scarf was a joy to weave. I finished and mailed it just in time for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days—I don’t know what could be more fitting!

Weaving info: The scarf was woven on 4 shafts on a Louet Erica table loom. I used 8/2 bamboo for warp (20 epi) and tabby and 5/2 bamboo for pattern. The scarf measured 8.5 inches wide and 78 inches long off the loom, and after wet finishing was 7.25 inches wide and 73 inches long (plus 6 inches twisted fringe). Fabric felt stiff off the loom, but was amazingly soft and had wonderful drape after wet finishing.

Catching up!

Well, best laid plans. Started the blog to share weaving & more and then came to a screeching halt! iPad issues kept me from posting, home projects usurped my weaving time (but we do have a lovely closet now), and I hit a steep learning curve with a double weave project. Back on track now (I hope), so here is what can be found on the looms:

Ashford 10” Sampleit: mug rugs; 10” reed, rug warp and sock yarn weft (photo below)

Louet Erica 4 shaft 20”: bird’s eye scarf, 10” reed, wool warp and alpaca weft (photo below)

Schacht 25” Flip Rigid Heddle: doubleweave blanket, cotton fleece warp & weft (photo below) this in the learning curve so watch for a post with more info on this project soon)

Finally Started