Adding a Shuttle Race to an Ashford Table Loom

Some folks asked for more detail on how I added a shuttle race to my table loom. I hope the video below helps. Please note that I used the tarp clips because I like that they hold the stick steady if I wedge it between them. You could just tie the stick directly to the loom beater. You may have to fiddle with it a bit to get it to hang straight. Your stick should only be about an inch wide and should rest just below the warp threads.

Two of my favorite weaving tools..

A beautifully made and well-balanced yarn swift from Hornshaw Woodworks and a bobbin winder by Fiber Artist Supply Company. Here are the two tools in action together as I wind a bobbin from a hank of yarn. I also use the swift when direct or indirect warping from a hank of yarn. I never bother to wind the yarn into balls first unless I plan to use it for crochet instead of weaving.

Warping with the greatest of ease…

Here is a look at my homemade warping trapeze! This little diy project cost less than $10 and has been a huge help in warping the loom by myself—especially when working with very fine yarns. And it all breaks down and stores behind the studio door!

A-tisket, a-tasket, look at my new loom basket!

I always seem to need an extra place or two while weaving to set down shuttles, scissors, etc. I ordered this long custom basket from the very talented Julie Ballard at The Suburban Pioneer.

It fits perfectly on the crossbar of the Erica loom and does exactly what I need! As a bonus, the small spinning basket from Julie’s collection hangs on the castle knob—functional and cute! Not to be left out, the blue loom bench basket is a nice addition for the weaving bench that I use with my Ashford table loom.

I added some pictures so you can see how the baskets are attached.